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How beautiful am I?

This app tries to answer that question like presumably other people would do, but without inhibitions. To get that work you have to enter your data as exact as possible. How to measur correct is explained in videos. If you want to compare yourself with other persons, you can use the points in the result. The points are only comparable, if every person to compare fills all data fields and provides at least one photo. That the app can distinguish different persons, every should use another input device, for example every its own smartphone. If you only want a short and incomplete result, it is enough to fill in the data fields labeled with a *. Everything you enter or send is anonymous and only used for this project, never public.

Correct body measurment for the following form

Age:* Jahre
Body height:* cm
Bust (largest extent between waist und axels): cm
Waist size (smallest circumstance between hip and bust): cm
Hip size (largest circumstance between knee und waist): cm
Body mass (weight):* kg
Face frontal (photo):
Full body frontal (photo include head and feet):
Full body from the side (photo include head and feet):
Additional best photos of you (no restrictions):
Additional photo? Your data and photos are saved anonymously only, validated by computers and not shown anywhere.

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