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Support this Open Source software

If you are interested to force my development of Open Source Lazarus packages, you can support me in different ways.


Feel free to publish links to my main page or to subpages with content you like in your public profiles or websites. So you can do that:


Say your opinion! Suggest ideas! If you know other projects about the same topics, tell me about them! Perhaps we can save duplicate work this way. Write about your test experience, especially on devices or operating systems, where I did not test myself!

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Donate some money. The amount of a single donation is unimportant. If everybody, who can, gives a small amount of money, many donations will help so much as few big donations. The result of my work, that is paid by the donations, will be available for everybody as free Open Source. The packages will be usable as free as FCL or LCL. Code quality, documentation quality and completeness, availibility of developer support, realization speed of my plans, ... depend on the sum of donations. In other words: Donations can make professional work from my hobby.