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The plan

This package will extend the streaming abilities of the FCL. Knowhow from several howtos or tutorials will be concentrated in easy to handle procedures for a wide range of components and streams. Additionally, there will be a generic first-in-first-out (FIFO) buffer class based on TStream and a descendent as a ready to work example using RAM for a FIFO buffer with dynamic size. The documentation link below shows the planned functionality, which will be implemented in the first version. The package can be extended with further ideas in future.

How you can support the development

A lot more than simple programming has to be done to provide stable working platform independent code. You can help to force the work with a payment of your choice, which gives me time to work preferably on this Open Source package instead on other projects for single customers. You can also share your ideas for which you are looking for a solution, if it might be an extension of this package.

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