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Raspi (components for Raspberry Pi)

This is the beginning of the development of an installable Open Source Lazarus package. It can be used to create applications which give access to the Raspberry PI hardware and peripheral devices. The current documentation explains version 1.0 that is realized and published. You can support this with your donation (=> acceleration) and feedback. More and better source code will be published as soon as it will work. So far as I know, this is the first Lazarus package, that RAD (Rapid Application Development) extends with easy GPIO configuration. That means, you need not to write code to configure a binary GPIO port.

Lazarus is installed very easy on Raspberry Pi 3 with RASPBIAN JESSIE LITE with the command
apt-get install lazarus
as root. Lazarus packages are installed with tools in the Lazarus IDE.

With that toolset compiled apps should run on every Raspberry Pi with compatible CPU and OS.

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